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Hair Apparent

I've been thinking of coloring my hair (again).

Oh dear, I thought we'd moved on from that.

Nothing drastic, just a "give me two weeks in the sun" look. Trouble is, I've been there before and it becomes a number of things:

a) Compulsive: every six weeks I'd go in and say "shorter and blonder" and then I ended up in Greece being mistaken for a Swede. True story. It was good color, but ...

b) Expensive: Keeping your hair "natural" and manageably short (mine doesn't get longer, it gets bigger) is not for the pence-pincher. And don't come back to me with the a box of L'Oreal is only $5.00. I know better. Color correction from a bad home coloring is both costly and embarrasing. Say it with me ... "leave it to the trained professionals." And then there's ...

c) Ridiculous: My sideburns and beard are coming in sooooo gray. In fact, someone recently told me they LOVE my haircolor and wish theirs was "silver" too. Great, I now am naturally the color of a Weimaraner. Besides, sun-kissed locks and gray sideburns just don't go together, and I'm not going down the dye your sideburns path.

Perhaps a more modest change. I'm thinking about sideburns. We'll see how they grow in.