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Eeyore Goes Running

"Running creates a release of endorphins that can cause euphoria (runner's high) or just a general sense of happiness." Duke on the Move

ďRunning sucks.Ē Bobzyeruncle.

I was overdue for a long run today. Didnít do one last Sunday, since I unexpectedly schlepped off to Italy. Depending on the training schedule I look at, Iím supposed to cover either 3 easy hours or 20 miles. Iím way behind on training Schedule 1 , so I try to do a little more than Schedule 2 Ö I figure as long as Iím somewhere in between the two Iíll be okay come June 11.

I get dressed, and since itís cool and damp out (and looks like rain), I put on some layers Ö tights under running shorts, a long-sleeve breathable tee under a hoodie. And I set out, knowing Iím gonna go slowly and just take my time. Long and slow. Take walk breaks when I feel like it. Somehow I slacked all week and havenít run since Milanís Monday 4-mile mini-tour, and yet my knees and hips are already tired.

I headed north and ended up in neighborhoods Iíd never heard of. The Council of Brent. Finchley Road Ö hmm, I think Iíd heard of that but had no clue where it was. About an hour into it, I was ready for one of the graveyards Iíd passed a few blocks back.

Iím too slow. Iím too tired. Iím too bored. Iím way overdressed. Rather than getting the rain Iíd planned on, the sun is shining now and Iím being passed left and right by joggers (and a couple of walkers) appropriately attired in shorts and tank tops.

I know that some runs are better than others Ö just like anything else. You have good days, you have bad days. This must be one of the latter. In spades.

I stopped for a stretch. I found a little supermarket and bought a Lucozade. About 10 minutes later Iím back on pace Ö which lasted about a mile. Iím now 1í20Ē into the run, totally over it and not even half way done. I saw signs for West Hampstead (and a very tempting train station). I figured I was somewhere around Hampstead Heath (where Iíve still never been), which I thought would make for a nice place to log some junk miles, or at least lie down under a tree and have a little coma nap. And so I ran. Up hills and down. Really lovely homes on tree-lined hilly streets, with manicured grass and shiny Porsches in the front yards. Itís all much fancier than Brent.

By now Iím more on a walking / limping tour than out for a training run and feeling more than a little panic and desperation about the 26.2 miles Iím supposed to cover in 5 short weeks. My knees hurt. My left hip feels like it needs a pop. You know how when you need your back cracked? Thatís how my hipís been feeling for the past couple weeks. Ugh. Maybe Iíll take up Dannyís offer to be a part of his relay team Ö 6 miles would be so much more doable.

I made it to Regentís Park, and instead of going around the park a couple times to get to 3 hours, I just walk/jog home.

Total run = 2.5 hours and 11 miles. Totally pathetic. But, on the other hand Ö we do have bad days, I didnít have much fuel in my engine (2 cups of coffee and a piece of toast is all Iíd had this morning prior to the run), and I hadnít run since Monday. But still, not so good.

Iím not ready to hang up my trainers just yet, but Iím definitely changing my goal from 4:30 to ďjust finish the blasted thing.Ē Iíll be very disappointed if I donít break 5 hours, but I guess thereís no point killing myself.

Let's see how the week goes.

If Forrest can do it, I guess I can too. Run, Bob, Run.