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A Small Good Thing

One of my friends works at Scotland Yard and received a commendation today for work that he did in the aftermath of 7/7. This will no doubt be a bookend for a similar commendation he received after 9/11.

I had a quick lunch with him, his soon-to-be husband, and a couple of their friends prior to the ceremony. And even though I was chastised for not having sent off any CVs or annoying letters to headhunters ("get me work or I'll sick Jodie Marsh on you"), I feel that I've had a productive day.

If nothing else, I made these two loaves of banana bread (from scratch, thanks very much ... and yes, I grew my own bananas).

I also spent way too much time at SpecSavers, convincing them that they'd gotten the prescription wrong with my new glasses. You might get two pair for the price of one, but if you really can't see out of either of them ... well, I don't see (geddit?) the value.

Baking bread and seeing things clearly ... there's got to be something commendable in that.

And again, congratulations D.