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Home is Where the Vodka Is

When we last left our hero, his words were "see you on the other side."

Well, here I am on the other side.

I love airplanes. Just cram yourself into a tube of tin, subject yourself to the screaming sirens of tantrum-tossing toddlers, try to read a book and then presto magic ... you're in another country.

I like being in new countries ... the people just seem different, the money is odd, the taxi cabs each have their own custom. Sometimes it's nice to know the language, and my 3 or 4 years of Spanish are really paying off here in the warmer climes. Plus, there's a smattering of english so if I need to say something more that "cerveza" or "margarita" or "enchiladas suizas, por favor", I can get by.

Me amo Nueva York.

So, yeah, here I am back in my home away from home away from home. My home once-removed? What is my relationship with this city now?

Anyway, seeing a bunch of shows, hanging out with old friends and playing the "sofa bed" game ... as is, "so, fa bed, what is I have to do?" The comedy writing course is coming along swimmingly, thanks very much. I'm here all week. Try the veal.

Tonight will be History Boys. Tomorrow is GB:NY3 and then a going-away do for Stephen and Hugh, who are retiring relocating to Fort Meyers. My only question is ... who in their 30s moves to Fort Myers? I hear they are opening a swanky new Canasta Club that serves a proprietary Metamucil Smoothie. For a dollar extra, you get a Gaviscon chaser. Fanstatic.

Must get out and enjoy el sol.

Oh, and for the love of your mother ...