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Things Not to Ask on an Interview

I had an interview today. Actually, it was a meeting with a headhunter who has already set me up on 2 interviews with one of her clients. So it was really a due dilligence meeting, after the fact. You'd think they'd want to screen you before they sent you out, but whatever.

It went swimmingly. Apparently the client's had a rigorous CV screening process and not many people made it to actual interviews. She'd ask me a question, I'd answer and then she'd cut me off and tell me what she thought.

My biggest question of the interview remained unspoken. There was a certain incongruity about her, and my eyes kept darting from her remarkably taut, crease-free, over-powdered visage to her wrinkled, liver-spotted hands. I'm sure she thought I was admiring her rings, but really it was "just how many facelifts have you had?"