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Trans-Atlantic Affairs

Did you ever have a little fling with someone, and then after awhile it runs its course and, while you still have fond memories, you know the sparks have passed?

And then, a year or so later, you meet up and fall in love all over again?

That's what happened to me on Tuesday night.

I'm in love with Avenue Q again. Now if only I can figure out a way to have committed 3-way relationship with it and The Drowsy Chaperone.

The casting is great. Jon Robyns (Rod/Princeon) and Simon Lipkin (Trekkie Monster/Nicky) are both adorable, and the girl playing Kate is lovely (Julie Atherton) is perfect. I also got the chance to chat up Composer/Lyricist Jeff Marx, who is charming.

The changes to UKify it are very minor (nightstands become knights stand, Long Island Ice Teas become Absinthe Daquiris, Gary Coleman gets some new explanatory lyrics) and all work just fine.

I think I'll probably have to go see it again, at least until Chaperone opens over here.