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It's Not What You Know ...

I thought the Brits were supposed to be smarter than us Yanks. Or maybe I just get that impression from the occasional air of the erudite that wafts my way.

Alas, I've seen evidence to the contrary the past few days.

Case in point -- I was in the newly remodeled Fourbuck's on Edgeware Road this morning. BTW, there's a blonde construction worker there who totally wants to kiss me (and he would have if he'd not been flanked by his colleagues), but I digress. There's a clearance bin on mugs in the back, with a sign saying something to the effect of "Show your UK PRIDE with our beautiful CITY mugs!"

The mugs are for Northern Ireland and Wales. Now, I'm the first to admit I'm no star at earning blue pie pieces in Trivial Pursuit (Genus edition), but seems to me that the good folk in Cardiff and Belfast might be able to teach the fair-trade signmakers a thing or two.

Then again, I did BBLB's video tape yesterday of lovley Aisleyne who, when asked "who is the youngest of the Beatles?", replied in all sincerity ... "Bono."

Her Royal Majesty weeps.