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Thinking on a Thursday

Oh well. Another rejection today. Seems things are drying up on the job front. But hopefully not nearly as bad as my (once) beautiful houseplant. What happened?


I've only had this a couple months and it was so lush ... strong green leaves with purple shoots. Seems the cat thought it looked lovely as well. Apparently Gypsy doesn't get enough greens in her Eukenuba. Or maybe it went to last night's Madonna show in NYC. I hear it was a veritable steam bath. I think it's incredulous ... you pay your right nut to go see a show and then the diva says "I don't care for the air, or my fan's comfort."

But back to my sad houseplant. I've never had much of a green finger. Maybe I should stick to cactii. I've got one up in my "writer's loft" / "job search oasis" that's doing very well.

Speaking of fingers, I'm totally captivated by this:


It's like one of the Bronte sisters dropped acid.

Speaking of dropping acid ... naah, there's no need to go there today.

So, about the job thing. I'm still not too fussed about the rejections. Maybe I should be? I'm starting to look at it as if I were auditioning way back when. You have to get at least 20 'no's before a 'yes' comes along. Maybe it's the Lexapro, maybe it's just knowing that it takes time for the right one to come along. Maybe it's still trying to figure out what the right one will be.

Speaking of the right one, yesterday was the 14-year mark for me and Larry. Who'd have ever thought he'd put up with me this long (or vice versa)?