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101.6 in the Shade*

No, not the heatwave.

Yes, my temperature.

I guess yesterday's mysterious hangover was really the onset of MSOD.

Sore throat, congestion, snot dripping into my chest.Achey legs and sweats mixed with chills (which are very helpful in the warm weather). Good thing I'm watching Season 3 of 24 (deadly virus, sort of rubbish so far, can Kim get infected and die soon? PLEASE?!?). And I'm having Larry bring home a copy of The Stand.

The boys in harnesses with power tools were hanging outside both bedrooms today. This could, in better circumstances, be an all-points, Titan Man-esque invitation for fun ("Hi guys, how's it hanging? you sure look hot. How about some nice cold lemonade?") Alas, this morning, I wanted was to sleep. They had mini-jackhammers (not a euphemism) and power sanders. Whirrr. Pound. Blast.

My head felt like an exposed, unfilled root canal in a face that was having massive reconstructive surgery.

And here is the aftermath ... what a shame the downstairs neighbors just spent weeks and (no doubt) thousands of pounds having a fountain/garden installed.

I would so much rather be slathered in Nivea by Oliver.

* That's just under 39 C.