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LHR - JFK - LGA - YYZ (and back again)

Barring any unforeseen appendectomies, we'll be heading off on a North American tour a week from Sunday.

Lovely young Monica, who is Larry's first cousin once removed (aka daughter of cousin) is getting married in a suburb just north of Toronto. It's gonna be a blast, and a good chance to catch up with TO friends and family.

As part of the ex-pat package, we get "home leave," which is an annual trip back to the States. We've been planning on using the home leave tix to get us to the wedding. Only glitch is the bank recognizes NY as home, not TO, so we have to fly there. Given the recent UK-US flight restrictions, I'd much rather fly directly to Canada, but we make do.

The good news is, we're going to have a few unexpected days in New York. Larry wants to see The Drowsy Chaperone apparently my countless singalongs to "As We Stumble Along" have whetted his appetite.

I've also heard a lot of good buzz about [title of show], so that's booked as well.

Very exciting.

So if you're in NY from Aug 27th-30th or TO from Aug 30th - Sep 1st and wanna hook up for a drink, give a shout.

Hopefully the airlines will be back to some semblance of normalcy by then.