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Waiting for Steam

So it's lunchtime on Friday and I'm sitting here waiting for the steam cleaners to come tidy up the carpets. One can only Cilit Bang Larry's red wine spills and Cab's vomit/hairballs so often before it's time to call in the trained professionals. I, of course, don't leave stains. At least not on carpets.

It'a always with a nervous excitement that I sit waiting for the day laborers. You know it's true for you too ... hoping they're kinda hot in 70s porn scuzz-husband kind of way. Then they turn out to be an overweight yet terribly friendly pre-pensioner from the wrong side of Sussex complaining about London traffic and then leaving skid marks in the toilet.

Which brings us back, full circle, to Cilit Bang.

So, you know, it's my birthday coming up (September 13 ... not too early to be sending cards, letters, parcels, and real estate deeds). Fahty Fahr, as our pal Marge would say. Weird. Lately I feel either 17 or 77, but not like a middle-aged man who, if I were my father, would have a 22-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter.

Actually, I wouldn't mind having a 22-year-old, but that's another story. Or a birthday gift, if you're stuck for ideas.

Maybe I do feel a little old. But hell, it beats the alternative, and I really am more comfortable in my skin (except for the skin tag on my neck that's grown into a 3rd nipple ... but that is being addressed) now than I ever have been. It's not that the neuroses have all gone away, I've just become more a home with them.

In other birthday news, I will be stag that evening.

SLarry's got a business meeting (see, I keep saying jobs just get in the way) so I'm flying solo. He's making it up to me though. My birthday dinner from him will be the next night. In Rome. I'm tagging along on a business trip.

Well, maybe his job isn't such a bad thing.

So whoever wants to play on the 13th, let me know. It is a Wednesday night, and there is a certain weekly event at the White Swan I've yet to attend.

Sickies for all on the 14th.

:: :: ::

Carpet guy's here. Cute in an amateur straight porn way, but not for me. Maybe if he had a slightly more fit brother.