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This Must Be the Place

Been reading/writing/cleaning most of the day. Tired of the modern stuff and poppy playlists in my iTunes, I went a little retro. Surprise, the Talking Heads can provide some refreshing background music.

Took a shower and decided to take a 15-minute break. Purposeful relaxation rather than a crash on the sofa, even though I'm dead tired. I must get out of this napping habit before I turn into one of the cats.

I put Mary Chapin Carpenter on shufle. He would be so proud.

It's a need you never get used to, so fierce and so confused

I've been listening to that song on and off for almost 15 years now. And every time it makes me sigh. That particuloar lyric means something different almost every time I hear it. Sometimes it's about a boy. Sometimes it's about family. Sometimes it's about running away planning an escape.

Sometimes it's about just sitting on the sofa, relaxing and letting the day just wash over you.

So beautiful.

:: :: ::

Not so beautiful was the amateur strip contest last night. I'm told it was one of the better turn outs, with 6, count 'em, 6 contestants. I kinda liked Ralph, the Polish boy whose English wasn't nearly as developed as his buttocks. He ended up co-winning with a cocky lad from Essex. I don't think last night was Paul's first night naked on a stage.

We thought for a bit that we wouldn't make it to the Swan. Nothing's ever easy, is it? The DLR was all locked up at Bank. Turns out this was the problem. I'd heard on the train that the delay was because someone was on the tracks. I immediately thought it was a suicide attempt. Turns out to be a seizure.

What's that say about me that I go right to the last act of desperation rather than an accident caused by a medical condition?

I hope the poor guy's okay.

:: :: ::

Okay then. Time for a cup of tea and some hoovering. It's glamour 24/7 here in bob's world ... from naked immigrants to cleaning litter boxes.

MCC's still warbling out words of wisdom.

Call it chance baby, call it fate
Either one is cause to celebrate
And the question now is why would you wait
Don't be late for your life