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Après le Déluge

Thanks to everyone who made today very special; be it through phone calls, emails, cards, blog comments, buying another round, going out of your way to visit a new restaurant, or that extra friendly touch in the loo.

Walking home from Mestizo tonight, along the rain-washed New Cavendish Street, I was mentally composing a big long post about how happy I was with tonight’s celebration.

But that was over an hour ago, and I’ve since had a really funny phone chat with my sister*, which is the perfect capper to any evening. So I think I’ll forego downloading all the pictures of Marisol's margarita madness until another time.

Besides, SD8.5 has me on an early flight to Rome tomorrow for a top-secret reconnaissance mission and I need to arrive early for a wig fitting. That last Eva Gabor mop they gave me was rubbish. So it’s off to bed.

But now that I’m typing ….

For the past year or so, I’ve always said the one main thing I miss about New York is my circle of friends. How they intersect and how cool it is to be in the shaded center part of the multi-ovaled Venn diagram that represents parties we’ve thrown.

The London Venn got a little bigger tonight. In fact, it more than doubled in size from last year’s birthday dinner, and has as least twice as many groupings. Just imagine what next year’s will be like.

I’m not sure if I’m excited or concerned that Doctor Who is the thread that’s weaving everyone together, but if it gets me a trip to Cardiff ... who cares? Ah, the “perils of assimilation”. Now which season was *that* episode?

Lee summed it up best when, during the middle of dinner, he leaned over to me and whispered, “You have the best friends.”

Indeed, I do. And he only saw a fraction of them tonight. Of course, by the end of the night, he could only see a fraction ... but that's for him to recount on his own bandwidth.

Again, thanks everyone for the flood of good wishes.

And remember, the salon reconvenes next Wednesday at my place. Maybe we'll even get Larry to show up.


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* Who, when I answered the phone at 11:30 yelled to her husband, "Bobby's home from his bithday dinner before midnight and he doesn't even sound drunk!"

Nice. You can feel the love too, can't you?