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What's the Deal?

I don't get "Deal or No Deal" ... the UK version with national treasure Noel Edmonds. I haven't seen the US version with national trinket Howie Mandell. I expect it's the same but with more bells and whistles. And I've seen something about the US "Deal or No Deal" having girls who touch their boxes.

England doesn't have the girls, just Noel and his 22 contestants. It's like watching people flip a coin for 45 minutes.

That said, I've accidentally found a great use for the program. Turn it on, with the volume very low. Stretch out on the sofa and close your eyes. As you drift off, you won't hear the banal conversations and contestants' hemming and hawing. But you will, every now and again, hear a smattering of applause.

It's like your getting an ovation for having a lie down.

That's quality telly.