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Guys and Dolls

What's scarier than Patrick Swayze as Nathan Detroit?

Channel 5's airing a documentary about guys and their life-sized companions.

Davecat says, "I think what my father finds really difficult with my relationship with Sheshawn is that she's not alive. It's all well and good if you're creeped out by dolls. But I have to live with a person who is creeped out by them. As a result, Sheshawn spends 99.8% of her time in my room."

"When she first came into my life it was just sex, sex, sex. But now that's tapered off to words, and we're just there for each other. She's an anchor."

:: :: ::

Everard talking about one of his dolls ... "We had a late night. She's still in bed now, sleeping it off. That's her sleeping face. I have to change her faces. They're certainly better than no female company at all."

Talking about his deceased mother ... "Some of us don't know how to cope with it when somebody dies ... she's probably prefer it if I had a real woman. But I think she'd rather I had real dolls and remain completely without any female company at all. But the dolls have improved my quality of life. Immensely, really."

Wow. Nothing Bates-ian going on here. Nope, move right along. Nothing to see.

At least you can promise them this and promise them that and they'll never develop a bad, bad cold.

And if you're interested, dolls can be guys, too. (NSFW)