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The Breadcrumbs of My Mind

Do you ever end up thinking about something and wonder, “where the hell did that come from?”

We were at The Box yesterday, waiting on a healthy lunch (served by a very heatlhy Brazilian bicep-boy) and thumbing through magazines. I found myself singing “Ya Never Know” from Little Shop of Horrors (Ronnette and Seymour’s part, not Mushnik’s). As you do.

“Uh, Bob ... you’re singing,” Larry says, not looking up from his QX.

“Oh, sorry.” I switched to a quiet hum and wondered where the song came from. I hadn’t listened to it for months. So I rewound my thought process, trying to figure out what conjured Seymour and Audrey.

Ah, it was simple. Sort of. I had run my tongue through the gap left from last year's dental drama. That reminded me of being at Menier Chocolate Factory, where my bicuspid broke during dinner before Tick, Tick … Boom. And, as we're all aware, Menier is going to revive Little Shop next month.

Zam! Kazap! Don’t it go to show ya never know. Mystery solved.

Do you ever do that? Find yourself thinking about something and wondering how you got there? And then playing Miss Marple with your memory, backtracking in your brain? Or am I in fact, as Larry so lovingly put it, "just strange"?