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With Every Door that Closes ...

... a window slams down on your fingers.

Got feedback today from Monday's interview with the world's largest insurance market ...

"Excellent interview. He has a solid understanding of our brand and what we need to do to move our strategy forward. He was exceptionally well-prepared and we really liked him."

So did I get the second interview?

Nope. They want to move forward with someone "less senior who can grow into the position."

I'm a little confused. One of the main roles in the job is to sit down with senior management of the corporation and its franchises and sell them on the benefits of their internal, employer brand proposition. I guess there are loads of 20-somethings that regional CEOs will listen to.

Dang. I thought I'd at least nailed a call back on that one. Although when I complimented the line manager on her excellent "how-to-write-in-brand" brochure ("you found that on the web? Wow, you really dug in," she said) and then showed her the web pages that were not in line with her guidelines, I thought maybe I'd stepped too far. Seems she wrote the web pages too.

Hey, they wanted someone with a "critical eye for detail."

Oh well, looks like I'll be pulling pints soon. Or am I overqualified for that as well?

"Sorry mate, you know how to make proper cocktails, and we're afraid you'd be bored serving draft beer." I'd go to Bar Acuda and be their martini mixer, but they've closed down.

No doubt because they couldn't make martinis.

And now, I'm off for a martini with the lovely gentlemen of the Barcelona Temperance Society.

I'm attending a workshop tomorrow on "How to Build Your Ideal Life." I let you know what I learn.

Have a great weekend.