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Looks Like a Blue Christmas

Tom Delay just said, in a Fox News interview, that "the Democrats didn't win, the Republicans lost" and that "there's no way we'll win the war on terror now." Huh?

And the spin continues. I stayed up till 4am last night flipping between CNN, CNBC and Fox. Some random thoughts ...

  • My fellow Buckeyes made me proud. Ohio is blue. Sorry about that, dad.
  • A female Speaker of the House. Very cool.
  • Brit Hume is atrocious. He mumbles, he doesn't have many coherent thoughts, and I think he almost cried a couple times.
  • Chris Matthews is like a mediocre comedy sketch. Entertaining for a bit, but wears thin really quickly.
  • Rick Santorum's family is almost as frightening as he is. His poor geeky daughter, holding onto her doll, sobbing like her dad had just raped her puppy. His two Pugsley-like sons, in their too-small matching crew neck sweaters, also weeping. I wonder what made them sadder, their horrible clothes or the thought that Daddy was going to make them all look and and hold his miscarriage of a political career.
  • Hillary is almost as engaging a speaker as her husband.
  • Tom Browkaw is classy.
  • I bet Tim Russert can sock away the bourbon and cokes. He'd be fun to go out drinking with. And I didn't see one white board.
  • Rummy is so gonna be out of work soon. I wonder if he'll call me for ideas on how to restructure his time. I say a resignation will be tendered by Thanksgiving.
  • Rhode Island voters are just pissed off. Chaffe voted *against* the war and he still got canned.
  • There's a chance for real change now. I hope the new leadership doesn't screw it all up and make 2008 a cakewalk for the GOP.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Nano writing. 10,000 words down, 40,000 to go.