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Tuesday 200 - #21

“So Cynthia, how was your ‘Come On Get Happy’ workshop?”

I told her it was amazing and then the waiter sauntered by. “Excuse me, this is tap water. We ordered bottled. Sparkling. No ice, lime wedge. And we’ll both have the partridge special.” She dismissed him with a flick of last year’s Rolex. “Darling, your seminar?”

I started telling her about discovering your values.

“They had you do a financial statement? Tres gauche. How did you compare to the group?”

“ValUES, Claudia, not my value. They asked what I would do if I were Prime Minister.”

She picked up a roll. “Ah, carbs,” she said, and put it back. “I’d rework the NHS so all these foreigners couldn’t just come into the country and get free medical care. It’s ridiculous. Just show up from India or Poland or wherever to have their babies. These people just walk right into any GP, without living here, say ‘I’m sick’ and they’ll get care. A travesty. I’d clean that mess right up. Excuse me, idiot, these are lemons, not limes. What else did they ask?”

“More values probing, like choosing one quality we’d like to instill in our children.”

“Oh that’s easy. Compassion.”