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Knocking off for Christmas

Off to Cornwall in the morning (Saturday morning that is, which is actually today) for a Christmas-by-the-sea getaway. It should be amazing. I've got a Daphne DuMaurier novel to read, a journal to write in, and a new Cape Cod like village to explore.

Not sure if we'll have mobile service or Interwebs, so updates might be sporadic. Everybody enjoy whichever wintery pagan ritual you might celebrate.

We had most of our Christmas tonight, so we don't have to schlepp a bunch of stuff out and back, and I'm please to report that Santa was kind to all. I got lots of toys to motivate the new year of running.

Not so kind is the web-based scavenger hunt I'm sending my niece and nephews on Monday morning. I got all pseudo-creative today and, with the help of some charming elves, whipped up a video website (iMovie and iWeb are very cool) for the kiddies. I have a feeling my sister will enjoy it more than her children. Here's one of the sillier snippets ...

I'm expecting a job offer from Blue's Clues or Blue Peter any day now.

Y'all go have a great weekend. And have an extra highball for my late Great Aunt Clare. She made her exit last night, which makes for a bittersweet-at-best holiday for family back in Cincinnati.

Ho ho ho.