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That In Between Feeling

It still feels like it's the holidays, but I kind of feel like they're over as well. Does that make any sense?

The past couple days have seemed quieter than normal. Except, that is, for the crowd at last nights last night's amateur (or professional-in-training) strip contest at the Swan. Very crowded and quite a good time. It's always so rewarding to teach new people the finer points of drinking tequila.

Aside from that, things seem really quiet, like the city's been put into slow motion. Maybe I'm still on a Cornwall calm. I took a longer-than-planned run yesterday (5.17 miles according to my new iPod/Nike+ gizmo, yay me), and it seemed like there was a distinct lack of energy around town. I wonder if that's a reality or if it's just me winding down from the holiday buzz.

So it's time to make some end-of-the-year lists, set a few new goals (always goals, never resolutions), play a bit more on-line Euchre, and get the New Year's mojo going. 2006 has been amazing, and I'm certain that 2007 will have even more surprises and new adventures in store. One of those will be me launching a Life Club here in Marylebone, and I'll have more news on that up within the week.

My frist trip of the new year has been planned ... got tickets sorted for my trip back to Ohio (Grandma's 90th in 4 weeks) and am tacking 3 nights in NYC on to the back end of that. Moritz and Melchoir, here I come.