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Bloghuh? 4

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It mystifies me that on November 2, 2004, just over half of the country where I was born re-elected that buffoon to be their leader.

Don't you just hate it when non-political people mouth off about politics. Well, here I go ...

Couldn't sleep last night (again), and turned on the tv. W's speech was lined up in about 20 minutes, so I thought I'd watch. Surely that's as good as an Ambien or two.

I was wrong. It didn't make me sleepy. It made me angry and scared.

It wasn't so much of a speech as very stiff, somewhat grim (perhaps he seemed a little frightened?) "here's my next not-so-brilliant idea" reading off a teleprompter. The sad thing is, you *know* he's had to of had media coaching and tons of rehearsal. And that was the best he could do? They moved him from his desk in the Oval Office to a more informal podium in the Library. One of the commentators said this was because he felt more natural there (with books?) and would better connect to the American people in a more casual setting.

Did any of you that watched have feelings of trust, faith or emotional connection? Did any of you sit back in your chair and feel safe and proud that here, on the world's television screens, was the man with the plan?

He's just not a good speaker. That said, he did seem to know almost all the words. But come on, this isn't your 7-year old's school play where you give them a standing ovation just for trying. This isn't even high school debate club (where I'm guessing he'd lose 9 out of 10 times). This is, some would say, the leader of the alleged free world.

He's not listening the voters. He's not listening to his advisors. He's sending in 20,000 new kids to get shot up, when his newly appointed general's plan said they'd need at least 10 times that many to secure Baghdad. He's making a last-ditch crap shoot and placing the responsibility on Maliki's government, which has proven itself to be not up to the task.

There's no easy solution, to be sure, but this seems like a half-assed "give me one more chance" effort. If it fails, he'll be able to blame Iraq's Prime Minister. And if it succeeds ... well, he never said what success would be did he? He just said "victory will not look like the ones our fathers and grandfathers achieved."

I wonder if Mr. Bush has any idea what victory would look like?

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