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Deal Me In

I've just learned that Grandma's 90th birthday will have a playing card theme. (Bunny loves her Pinnochle, Bridge, Canasta, and Euchre).

Now that Jade's mum is out of Celebrity Big Brother, I'm hoping she can go with me. She'd be aces ... who needs one-eyed Jacks when you have a one-armed Jackiey.

There are deckfulls of other surprises in store for the night, but I'm sworn to keep a poker face and play my hand close to my chest. No doubt, however that it'll trump anything Blackpool can deal out.

At least I know what to wear. I'm whipping up a cocktail-length version of this, all in red (Grandma's favorite color) Bicycle cards, with poker chip earrings and matching necklace.


I'm flush with excitement.

(Notice how I didn't make any ante jokes? What with Clare only being gone a few weeks, I thought I'd pass on that.)