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Who Wants a Brown Wedgie?

I've just returned from a game of Trivial Pursuit at the Chitty Street Geriatric Centre. I was assured this was "regular" Trivial Pursuit (which I'm dreadful at anyway), as opposed to one of those newfangled specialty "Doctor Who", "Coronation Street", or "MPs and Rentboys" versions.

It was in fact the most recent general knowledge version. Of a sort. We played the new England (and I don't mean Massachusetts) version. I did not fare well at all. I'm not sure if the questions were more difficult, or just more trivial.

In my quest for never-ending assimilation, I must now venture to Hamley's and purchase my own game, for study nightly play at home.

I do, however, now know what retromingent means, and it has nothing little to do with Geri Halliwell in the 80s.

Speaking of board games .... bonus points for anyone who can tell me if the original Monopoly's highest-valued property was Mayfair or Boardwalk. I could look it up, but tonight's game has left my brain addled.