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Big Brother's Watching Big Brother

You'd think there are more important things going on the world.

But no ... all eyes (including 2 countries' governments, the Hertfordshire police, and Ofcom) are on Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody and the alleged racist bullying happening in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

From what I've seen, it looks more like a clash of the Queen Bees than anything worthy of governmenet intervention. You've got a Bollywood princess who come into the house, unknown to UK viewers, saying she's used to being waited on and having an entourage. Let's face it, she's there to raise her UK profile ... and now she's on the cover of most of today's (and yesterday's) newspapers. Job done.

And then you've got Jade, who's a dictionary definition of class and erudite education. She's big and loud and brash and makes a living being the (allegedly) lovable dolt who's become rich beyond her dreams saying stupid things on the back of her non-win on non-celebrity Big Brother.

These two women would probably not get along in the best of conditions. And now it's becoming a diplomatic interest. Ridiculous.

It's a television program about a house full of none-too-bright D-list celebrites, people. Get over it.

And good for Endemol ... 24 hours ago, according to a BBC correspondnet in India, no one in the country had no idea what Big Brother was. That's all changed now.

There are other more important issues going on, aren't there? Just look at today's stories on BBC News 24 ... TV licensing fees to rise! There's gusty wind and all over Great Britain!

UPDATE: Carphone Warehouse has just suspended their sponsorship of CBB. That's a pretty big financial decsion. They're walking away from the row, whether or not there's actually any racisim or not. I imagine, like most of the other phone companies, they've got a large Asian client base (not to mention staff), and don't feel the risk of losing revenue/goodwill is worth the risk of advertising on the house of mad zedlisters.

UPDATE 2: The CEO of Channel 4 spins says racsim exists in the world and CBB has done a service to society by triggering a wider debate about that. They can't with certainty say if remarks were racially motivated or just part of class differences. Channel 4 has intervened with Jade, "and you can watch that on tonight's program." Genius!

He also says they've talked with Shilpa and she doesn't believe it's racially motivated. "You'll see that on tontight's show."

He also said since Jade and Shilpa are up for eviction this week, the British public will get a chance to speak up for who they believe is correct, at 50p per call. Again, genius! "You decide, we'll make money."

Maybe they just need to bring in the cast of Avenue Q to remind us that "everyone's a little bit greedy racist."