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Choices Were Made


I met my new hero last night. Her name is Diane and she's the creation of Julie White, Douglas Carter Beene and Scott Ellis. She is brilliant fast-talking, faster-thinking, demonically driven and, perhaps a little manaical. I love her.

Were it not for a certain 81-year old goddess of the theater returning to the stage later this spring, I would lay down the bank on Julie White being a Manolo-in for the Tohy.

I've seen two shows in the past couple nights, and both have shared a remarkable quality. Each show has a character (Moritz in Spring Awakening and Diane in The Little Dog Laughed) who is *this* close to being over the top, and in the hands of less capable actors could come off as less-than-sympathetic cartoons.

John Gallagher, Jr. and Julie White are both just amazing. I'm so lucky to have been able to see them both during my short side trip to the city.

Speaking of, it's going really well. I'm now the proud owner of some new jeans (thanks Godmother), some new swag pants (thanks CB), and a UK visa (thanks Home Office) that's good for the next 2.5 years. Go Bob Go.

Ooops,the boys just called. They're down the street at The Gym, so I have to quit typing and have my happy hour workout.