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No Wii for Mii

I was *this* close to having a Wii yesterday.

Then I got kidney stones.

badda bing

We were wandering about and popped into the HMV on Oxford St. near Soho. They had Wiis in stock (shut up!), but they were only selling them in a bundle. You had to buy a memory card and two games along with the basic machine.

I decided that I didn't really need the extra games (but I do need the Wii) and would save the additional 70 quid by just going to another store that wasn't being greedy.

No other stores had them. I came home, did some online research, and realized that the bundle was in fact a bargain (and there were games I would enjoy). And if I got the extra games, I'd probably need the memory card.

So I took out the garbage, and zipped off a side trip to the HMV in Selfridges. Out of Wii.

I went to the HMV near Regent Street. Out of Wii.

I went back to the HMV near Tottenham Court Road, where I'd been just a few hours before. Talked to one of the clerks and he said they sold out very quickly and he didn't know when they'd get the second half of their new allotment. "Nintendo doesn't give us dates, they just show up."

At least I got a brisk walk out of it, dodging shoppers/tourons who can't get their bipedal engines out of first gear, stopping and starting along the pavements of Oxford St.

And now I'm on the hunt. We will have Wii by next Wiikend.