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Worst. Interview. Ever.

Went on an interview this afternoon for a Marketing Director role at boutique-ish investment manager.

I was to meet with the founding partner of the firm for an initial screening, which is a tad unusual, but what the hey.

I was seated in a confernce room and given a glass of water. I waited, and reviewed my notes and questions about the firm and the position. I waited some more.

The waiting gave me some time to enjoy the views of the St. Paul's, the City, Tower Bridge, and Canary Wharf. There was a framed cartoonish tourist map (complete with folds in tact) of a region in Zanzibar, which I found mildly interesting given we're off to Africa in six weeks. There was also an interesting finger painting, apparently done by somebody's kid. It seemed to be a landacape, a green hill perhaps, with a large pink penis flying above two huddled people.


After wating for thirty, no exaggeration, thirty minutes, Mr. Head Honcho came in, did not introduce himself, sat down and said to me, "So what's going on?"

"Hi, I'm Bob and It seems you're looking for Director of Marketing."

He nodded.

I told him my understanding of the role and how I'd done similar things in the past. He cut me off after a couple minutes.

"What's your birthdate?"

I told him.

"Why did you move to London?"

I told him I'd been working here and my partner got an ex-pat package with his bank.

"So you're married or single?"

I said partnered.

"Any kids?"


"Where do you live?"


"Do you like London?"

Love it.

"Okay then, I'm just screening people right now before second interviews and it seems you can do the job. I'll get back with (insert headhunter's name here) when I'm done with this round of applicants. I've asked all the questions I need to know for now. Thnaks for coming."

He didn't ask if I had questions (which I did). He didn't tell me anything about the firm or the people I'd be working with.

I was with him for less than 8 minutes.

What a collossal waste of time.