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To Cream or Not To Cream

I was doing some grocery shopping this afternoon, and was privy to this conversation in the toiletries aisle ...

Boy: (about 14ish): Mum, can I get some face cream?

Mum: What for?

Boy: My face. I'd like some face cream, please.

Mum: But what do you need it for?

Boy: I dunno, my face.

Mum: I realize that, but what it's for. Is your face dry? Are you concerned about spots?

Boy: Yeah, it's a little dry I guess. Can I just get some cream?

Mum: What kind?

Boy: I dunno, but some friends at school give me some and it feels really good when they put it on me.

(By now I've had to look. His skin is great ... clear as can be.)

Dad: (clearly uncomfortable with entire conversation, in a business suit, mid-late 30s, cute if you like 'em short) Oh dear Jesus.

Boy: (sensing Dad's dismay) Erm, maybe we should go to Boots later?

Mum: Good idea.

Bless. It's never to early to moisturize. Just don't talk to Dad about it.

Which leads me to think, which would be the more difficult conversation asking dad about jerking off or asking dad about face cream?