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Wii Interrupt Our Regular Blogging ...

I would love to sit down and write about all kinds of things, like:

  • How brilliant Equus was last night (despite a terribly misguided directorial/design choice at the very end (and how they made the horses looked like Doctor Who villains with ridiculous halogen eyes)

  • My vaccinations for Africa and how expensive the malaria pills are

  • My marathon training combined with my new personal trainer Syliva who's adorable but kicking my ass. Need to lose a stone before Kenya so I'm not mistaken for a hippo

  • Our polterguest

  • New job opportunitie springing up like weeds just as I'm finishing an application for a TEFL course (wouldn't you love to have me teach you English?)

  • How good I'm getting at casting on, but how bad I am about making things too tight

  • Speaking of tight, my just-shy-of-painful sports massage two days ago with the stronger-than-he-looks Howard. Every time he'd go deep he'd tell me how tight I was. In other circumstances ....

  • How much I'm enjoying Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair

Yes, so much to write about (including a writing workshop tomorrow afternoon that I'm most excited about), but I just don't have time.

Oh no, kind readers, blogging time is no longer on my side. My Wii search is complete, the console is purchased, and I'm up and running. Yay Mii. If you'd like your Mii to interract with mine, my console number is 2267 7741 5286 3479 and the Mii Parade is ever so lonely.

I've also got that Post of the Week shortlist to pull together.