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Living in the Present Progressive

I have to take a test in a couple hours. A language skills test. Me are being with the nerves.

It's for a CELTA teacher training course that I'd like to take next month. Yeah yeah, I've already heard it ... you're American, how can you teach English?

I've passed the first round of screening, which was a written application involving questions like:

a) What's the difference between "an Isolated house" and "a secluded house"? How would you teach that? (My answer was that game show contestants are placed into isolation booths, trying to win a secluded holiday.)

b) Explain the error in this exchange: "Have you got any money?" --> "Yes, I've been to the bank yesterday."

All kinds of Borat stuff.

I can spot incorrect usage at 500 paces. I'm just not so clever at identifying, let alone explaining, the rules governing past perfect vs. future progressives.

So now I have to take a half-hour written test and a half-hour interview with the good folks at International House London, in their swanky new Covent Garden digs.

Part of me believes that it'll be fine, and that they'll take my money and I'll go through the training and get my certification. Sort of like a PADI (Pay And Dive Immediately) SCUBA certification.

Part of me is worried this will be yet another audition/interview where I'll be under/overqualified and they really liked me but I'm just not quite the right fit.

Maybe the written part will be open book. I'll take a grammar book in my case, just in bag.