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Safari So Far Away

Did everyone have a good Friday?

Gosh, I've been back a week now and haven't blogged at all about the trip. That's cause it totally sucked and I don't want to relive any of its hellish memories by recounting it in words.


Actually, it was one of the most amazing adventures I've had, and every time I sit down to write about it I don't think I'll do it justice. Here's a shot of our picnic lunch, under a beautiful lion-scratched tree on the Kenya / Tanzania border.

*sigh* Yup, it was pretty much that beautiful all the time.

So while not writing about it, I've found other things to occupy my time, like:

  • Retrieving and rebuilding my MacBook it was in iHospital with an irreparable hard drive while I was on safari (and then when I got it back the optical drive crashed ... grrr). Seems to be working now, and all hail the Apple Protection Plan.

  • Listening to a lot of Dixie Chicks, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Dolly Parton. Who knew going to Africa would put me in a country-western mood? What's that about?

  • Setting up once-PC formatted external hard drive on my Mac wi-fi network to act as a back-up drive to avoid losing things again. Once bitten, twice shy and all that. It's fun to get in touch with your inner IT geek.

  • Doing my pre-course work for CELTA training. Classes begin April 16 and my head is swimming with past progressives, participles and phonetic symbols.

  • Learning how to lay down vocal tracks (my, doesn't that sound all industry savvy?) in Garage Band so that my bit of Shaggy Blog Stories can be included in the podcast that Mike is putting together.

  • Getting the B&B back up and running. A fun (and cute) house guest arrived Thursday for a 5-day stay, and the room's full up now for the next couple weeks. Book early, book often.

And now, I must venture out for the last long run of the training season. The marathon (which very well may kill me) is in 15 days. That means 20 miles today. Ugh. We'll see how close to that I get. These are the worst parts of the marathons, the long training runs. The day itself is fine. You've got the energy of the crowd and the excitement of the day to pull you through 26.2 miles like magic. Days like this are just about slogging along and putting in the miles (and the hours).

And when I think just why am I doing this? we remember it's for a good cause. If you haven't done so yet, would you please be so kind as to sponsor me?

Happy pagan fertility rites to all!