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Training Schmaining

Ouch. Ow ow ow ow ow owie ouch.

I know it's almost impossible to follow a marathon training schedule religiously, what with head colds and African holidays and the occasional scheduling hiccup. But one must do better than a long-ish run every other week and maybe a short one in between. I started out so well in January. Oh well.


That said, we don't need no stinking schedules! I finished. The first half was great. Ran with Julie, who was a pacer from Runners'World. We were on the 5 min jog / 1 min walk routine, averaging about 12-min miles. I even got to hold the pacer stick while she trotted off to the loo.

Then there was the second half. The wall came very early. I walked a lot, talked myself out of quitting several times. Bargained with myself to jog to the next set of balloons, or phone booth, or Flora sign. Twenty meters later I'd be dizzy and then slow down and and just enjoy the crowds. People were dropping like flies in the heat, and I wasn't about to get taken away by a medic (as cute as some of them were).

London certainly does support its runners, and it is one of the most fun neighborhood-party marathons (right up there with Chicago) that I've taken part in. I'd love to do it again properly. But not for a good long while.

Thanks to all who sent texts of encouragement, and thanks again for the support to Terrence Higgins Trust.

Now then. Where did I put that wheelchair?