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Heres' the Deal

cliffs of dover from www.dover.co.uk
One of the sights on my list of things to see in England has been the white cliffs of Dover.

Not any more.

Not only have I seen them, but I've trekked across them. We left Victoria Station at 8am this morning, headed to Dover and walked 10 miles across the cliffs to the charming seaside town of Deal. Once again, Time Out's Country Walks Near London gave perfect instructions for a breezy walk in the sea air. A perfect antidote to being in a classroom for the past few weeks and then playing couch potato yesterday.

Only bad thing was my mobile fell out of my pocket on the way (stupid baggy cargo pants) and it seems I'm phoneless for a couple days till the insurance company replaces it. D'oh.

(Note: The picture's from the dover.co.uk website, and it wasn't nearly that sunny, but still it was very impressive and a lovely walk.)