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Lend Me an Ear

Last year Klingons, this year lesbian balladeers.

Seriously, America. You don't know what you're missing. We recruited another Eurovision convert last night. And to watch it on the big screen in Amsterdam's Soho bar, complete with running commentary from a cute EVSC-savant compere (in English with requisite Dutch accent) ... really, he was like Rainman with all the trivia he knew ... was, like the Russian entrant sang, "a cherry on the gate."

CB says, .... well had several quotes last night but sleep seems to have dulled our rapier-sharp wit.

It did make him realize how much he loves the trash in Eurotrash.

And now, with the contest over, that only means one thing ... Big Brother is just around the bend.

Off for more Dutch culture. We're bandaging our ears and heading off to the Van Gogh museum. Visited Anne Frank's house yesterday. Is it just me or is there something a squidge wrong about there now being a bagel shop next to it?