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Adult Entertainment

"Well, that was almost a little too subdued," L said, pouring himself into the comfy chair with a freshly topped up glass of wine.

It was only 8:30 and the guests had left, having had platefuls of jambalaya and lasagna, loads of libations, and several rounds of assorted Wii sports (tennis and bowling being the competitions of choice). Only major drama was a near miss on a car getting towed away.

Another success, low key as it might have been.

I reminded L that the invite said from 4-8, 'cause he was off to Glamorous Banking Location™ (thanks Derek) on a way-too-early plane. He's been visiting GBLs quite a bit lately, and there are more in the cards. I don't think he's thrilled about it all (you know the Canucks, the only time they show emotion is during hockey season), but it sounds pretty exciting to me. Geneva and Madrid are on the books this month, with Israel, Moscow, Turkey, Dubai and some other Middle Eastern gigs on the way.

"My early mornings have never stopped you guys before," he said.

True enough. Then again, most everyone did have places to be in the morning. And not every event needs to end in wigs and frocks and Drag Twister. And how refreshing that nobody will have woken up with a hangover or a memory lapse on how they got home.

Fair play, it was a newish mix of people, so folks might have been on good behavior. That happens sometimes when new ovals gets introduced into the Venn Diagram of otherwise familiar social situations. Then again, I know all these people and they've never been high on the shy scale.

And, in our defense, most of us had to work today. Even me.

Takes deep breath and and chants "I can do this, I can do this."

I've gotta plot out a couple more ideas for my first 1:1 lesson this afternoon. Better to be overprepared and have too much than to have the lesson fly by in half the time I'd planned for and have the first day be all about "so what do you want to talk about?"

Then again, in private lessons, it really is about what the client wants to learn, talk about or practice ... but still, it's good to have a few edumacational thingies in one's back pocket. I'm the "teacher" after all.

"I'm the teacher." That sounds so ... not quite right.