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I Are Tired

I haven't had the chance to say this for a good long while ...

I'm really glad it's Friday.

This teaching thing seems to be taking off. Ten hours last week. 17 and a half hours this week, and next week it turns into what seems to be a full-time job .... teaching 2 classes from 9-4. It can wear a boy out, I tell you.

It's nothing compared to the 55-60 hour weeks that I know some people are putting in, and I'm realy enjoying it, it's just more tiring than I anticipated. And then, of course, there's the 24/7 party people over at the Big Blogger house. You've voted to keep me in (that's *not* voted for me) and voted for my ball-gag gala? Right? Well go on then. (clicky on the big red banner to your right -------> )

And with that ... I need to come up with some fun new vobabulary exercises. The Kazakhs await.

Life in the fast lane.