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Settling into the New

I think I might like this new schedule, even if it only on the books for a couple of weeks.

Got up around 8am, made a pot of coffee and worked on a new scene in my story for about two and half hours. Got about 1,000 words written, with a bunch of first draft blah blah, but at least there's stuff to edit now. Should have the entire first draft done by tomorrow night.

Now I'm off to school to finesse a lesson plan I sketched out over the weekend, and then teach for a 5-hour stint. They do like their breaks, and they're private clients, so that's fine by me.

Finish up around 7:30 and will meet CB for a couple drinks and some dinner in or around Covent Garden.

I could get used to this.

Then again, there are two Big Blogger tasks coming up this week (not to mention two new house mates), so one mustn't get too comfortable.

:: :: ::

Oooh, have just seen the first task of the week: recount your favorite celebrity anecdote?

Which to write about? I've already told the popstar-gets-a fisting tale here (which I'm allowed to reuse if I rewrite it). Should I recycle that or talk about:

* my very long cigarette break with Sarah Jessica Parker?
* talking about vampires and white imagery in Moby Dick with Nicholas Cage in my New Orleans apartment?
* hanging out in an Ohio airport with Henny Youngman?
* being an escort (not that kind) for con-man turned author Frank Abagnale (the guy who Leonardo played in Catch Me If You Can)
* chatting up Lynn Redgrave in a theatre lobby because we have a mutual friend?
* Tim Burton and Sylvia Miles congratulating me on a very twisted show I once did at La Mama Etc.?
* Christmas pudding with Nicholas Parsons?
* cruising with Miss Coco?
* having lunch with Troubled Diva on Friday?

Who do you want to read about?