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Hej! Hur Ӓr Det?

Well dang. I guess I have to learn Swedish. We're now in Copenhagen and it's just beautiful.

Long time no blog. Didja miss me? I know I missed you.

I've spent the last ten days on a boat without internet access, met some lovely people, had some brilliant adventures, worked my way through a twinge of pneumonia, witnessed some ridiculously obnoxious behavior from people I don't need to see ever again, and roamed through seven cities in as many countries ..

  1. Bergen, Norway

  2. Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. Gdansk, Poland

  4. Tallin, Estonia

  5. St. Petersberg, Russia

  6. Helsinki, Finland

  7. Stockholm, Sweden

Mama, she's tired.

Came back to the hotel this afternoon for a quick nap and woke up four hours later not knowing where I was. In a boat? In a hotel? Still dreaming? Is it still Wednesday or did I sleep all night?

We're here for a few days, and then back to London, where I hope the cats are still alive. We did arrange for them to be fed, didn't we? (yes, we did ... put down the phone ... you don't need to call The Humane Society just yet.

Lots of stories to tell, but for now I guess I should check into the Big Blogger house and see what ruckus is going on now. Thanks for all the votes a couple weeks ago ... but stop now ... it's Vote to Evict! (I can't believe I'm still in the silly thing.)

And then it's a wake-me-up shower and a hunt for a schlager bar.