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Stalking the Syndics

dutchmaster.jpgYou'd think I was a big Rembrandt fan or something. For the second time in about six weeks, I've seen this painting hanging in a gallery. The first time was at the Rijksmuseum when CB and I jaunted off to Amsterdam for the weekend.

Today I saw it at the National Gallery. Our world-traveling friend and frequent B&B border Peter is in back from his 4-week African train trek. Usually when he's here, we take in a gallery or two, and and on this visit he'd arranged tickets for the Dutch portraits exhibit .

And the question remains, is he standing up or sitting down?

Once again, I find that my favorite things in museums aren't so much the paintings, but the people. Today's classic was a dozing security guard in the corner of Room 5 in the exhibit. The drowsy chaperone (see what I did there?) obviously had a long night, and it was all she could do to keep from nodding off. I walked by her and her head popped up, eyes opening wide, and then she looked around and fell back asleep.

She looked so peaceful, and who wouldn't enjoy a power nap in the middle of a shift? Unfortunately, an inconsiderate patron behind me hadn't turned her mobile phone off and it rang (with a nastilly shrill alarm clock tone) a number of times before she could get it out of her purse to answer it and begin chatting about her morning. This not only woke the security guard up, but caused her get out of her chair and scold the woman for using her mobile in the gallery.

I'm not sure if the phone use was against the rules (it was as uncalled for as it was rude), or if the guard was just miffed to have been awakened.

And now, my Kazahks should be here any minute. I wonder if they'll mind me having a nap in the corner of the classroom while I give them a test?