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Perfect Day, Unless You're a Cow

I've been feeling really bad for the cows the past couple days.

I know they're being raised for slaughter and all, but hearing the BBC report all day Saturday about the cull, I couldn't help but feel like they'd been given a premature death sentence. And then seeing them herded into the that tiny corral like, well, cattle. I guess free range ethics go out the window when there's disease afoot.

I know. I know. It has to be contained.

Today I saw that only 2 of the near 100 dead animals tested positive for foot and mouth. Didn't stop the slaughter though, did it? Better safe than sorry.

I don't know why it bothers me so much. I'm not a vegetarian (although I'm feeling like shying away from beef for a while ... my chicken salad was delicious for lunch today).

Maybe it's just that when I see something like that I wonder how far (close?) we are to herding up infectious humans and culling them like they were possibly infected cattle.

Maybe I shouldn't have watched Children of Men this weekend.

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On a cheerier note, somehow my 1-to-1 student and I got on the subject of "Perfect Day*" by Lou Reed this morning. She mentioned that she loves the song (she's a 22-year-old fashionista from Roma) but can never understand all the words.

Instant new lesson plan -- we were working on listening skills this week anyway.

Not only does she now know all the lyrics to a cheery little ditty about heroin (or a fickle lover ), she now understands how to use the idioms "keep me hanging on" and "reap what you sow" in every day speech.

* Thanks, darling Cat. World ... Day ... whatever. I really must get off the smack and pay more attention.