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Bitter, Sweet and Strange

A few thoughts on a Saturday morning ...

  • Saw Best Actress/Best Actor Miss Coco Peru at the Soho Theatre last night. The house was sold out, the audience was lovely and Coco was brilliant. It's a perfect evening's entertainment ... a lovely comedic cocktail of neurosis, cabaret, and shrewd observation all shaken up with a dash of bitter rage (and a couple of Disney songs). We all loved it. She's here for another week, so get your tickets while you can.

  • My best London pal Eduardo has flown the coop, following his mid-life crisis bliss to a new work gig outside of Abu Dhabi. Bliss makes for a strange travel companion sometimes. I've been a little sadder by his leaving than I've let on ... and I had a wee epiphany about that this week.

    Normally, it's me who is up and going, leaving everybody else behind. I'm not sure that I enjoy the shoe being on the other foot. Alas, it's not like he's moved to the other side of the world ... just the middle East. Ahem. And we, the abandoned, wish him all the luck and happiness in the world.

  • Thought I was going to have a quiet Saturday, but it turns out that he is meeting the original Big Blogger goddess just down the road from home, and has invited me to pop in. Then I'm off to Clapham for a birthday party.

  • Not only that, but I'm having a celebutante lunch with the always charming and funny Bob Smith, who's asked me to review his new book. And oh, look at the time ... I'm going to be late and haven't even cracked into Middlemarch today.

Busy busy busy.