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It Takes A Village

So. Apparently I'm wrong about something.

It seems, according to my Kazakh student (who is my age and about a kazillion times richer than I'll ever be), that women and men can never really be equals. This because their brains are made differently and women cannot think as logically are strategically as men. They also have no long-term vision and are genetically too emotional.

I challenged him to bring in some data to support his claims, and asked if we could go back to my lesson plan of "will" and "shall" to express intent for the future.

I think I shall introduce him to some of my more politically-charged, business-savvy lady-type friends.

Or maybe I'll just leave him to his hunting (he'll gladly show his wolf-killing videos he keeps on his mobile) wish him a bon voyage when he heads off to Dubai in a couple weeks. Oh those silly central Asians and their old-time beliefs.

He then told me he likes Hillary Clinton better than Bush ... so we have to cut him a little slack. Not that he can vote (or would) for her.