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Mary Poppins for Prime Minister

Dear Metronet,

Just a quick word of thanks for your little strike.

Because of your 'action', I have reacquainted myself with my bicycle. I'm pleased to say that my commute time's been cut in half, and it will most likely decrease even more when the trains are running again, as traffic on the roads will clear up.


Sometimes you just need a little motivation, and I appreciate you giving it to me. I hope you get everything you want, and I'm pleased to say that you'll be receiving less of my cash during the forseeable future.



:: :: ::

In other news, I'm almost sad that I have only two more lessons with my Italian princess.

Me: And just what is a "nanny state?"

She: Oh. Yes. Well that is a type of government or society where most of the people, the citizens, are ruled and governed by their nannies.

I swear I'm not making it up.