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It's Big and Hard and I Can't Do a Thing With It

A couple months ago, I purchased a new hard drive.

I was so excited. A very reasonably priced 1tb (that's big, y'all) LaCie network drive. It's going to solve all my storage problems (my MacBook is pert near full, as is my 160gb Maxtor). Too many pictures and songs, I suppose.

And no, none of it is porn, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, it wouldn't power on. I tried everything, but to no avail. LaCie tech support said it's either a bad power supply or a faulty drive. They sent me a new power supply and closed my support ticket.

Still no blue light indicating power. Must be a bad drive, they said, via their web-based customer service ticketing system (the second one I'd opened), and I'd receive instructions on how to return the drive for repair. Rather than ship it to the address, which was just off Moorgate (and I was going to be in that neighborhood anyway), I dropped it off a few weeks ago.

I got it back on Friday. It was shipped from France. I guess they couldn't fix it at the Moorgate office so it was sent across the Channel. It's the same drive, at least according to the serial number.

And guess what? The blue light now works, huzzah, but the drive isn't recognized by any of my Macs. All of the tech support information (both in the manual and online) assures me it should be plug and play. I might need to reformat it, but I can't do that unless the doggone thing mounts, right?

So frustrating. And a third ticket has been opened. I've politely asked this time that they either give me a brand new drive, upgrade me to a similar product, or refund my money.


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Update: A few hours later, I decided to give it another go. I guess my big, hard toy wanted to be inserted into a different orifice. I decided to try hooking it up to the network (which is where it's supposed to be, after all) and it seems to be doing okay now. Still don't understand why it wouldn't read off of a direct connection, but all's well that ends well. So they say.