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Welcome to the Sixties

I saw Hairspray last night.

Go. See it. Now.

They've brought everything good about the original B'way production, and done a proper transfer that hopefully will run a good long time. My friend at the Shaftesbury's box office very well be right ... I think the curse could be lifted.

Michael Ball is having way (weigh?) too much fun and has created an Edna who is every bit as charming and lovable as Harvey's but can actually sing as well. HIs duet with Mel Smith very nearly stopped the show.

Lovely Ben from Any Dream Will Do is, well, lovely, but sadly is the weakest Link (see what I did there?) ... his accent is all over the place and he just can't keep up with the singing, especially noticeable in the finale (if anybody can stop the beat, it's Ben, bless).

That said ... Leanne Jones is one of the most lovable and enthusiastic Tracy Turnblads ever. Elinor Collett does Kerry Butler (no, really!) proud as Penny Pingleton and Adrian Hansel is simply spectacular as Seaweed.

I love love loved the show.

And now I must go back to work. So busy lately, but in a good way.