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Jogging Around, Some Kind of Deranged Clown

It’s rained most of the day here today, which most everybody I’ve talked to seems aggravated by.

Truth be told (and with apologies to Karen Carpenter), I enjoy a good rainy day ... even on a Monday.

Especially because, despite living in “rainy” London, it really doesn’t full-on rain here all that much. It drizzles for bit and then it stops. And then it might spit some more before then the sun comes out.

Today was a proper downpour. Its whisper (albeit sometimes a stage whisper) could be heard from indoors. The streets were puddles of boiling liquid, which I happily glided through (sometimes stomping a little harder than I needed to, just because the splash was fun).

Yup, I ran in the rain tonight. And it was brilliant.

Now, if we could just have a thunderstorm.