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Vell, Back in zee Old Country ...

I’m starting with a new student, a 53-year old Romanian engineer, this afternoon, and am more than a little apprehensive. Seems he’s been problematic with two of the three other teachers he’s had, saying things like “you’re too young” and “you are female, you couldn't understand.” He’s also tossed in comments like “women who go into pubs alone are whores” and “my country has the best prostitutes.”

Apparently his business world is one big swinging dick contest and the game is to be as aggressive (as opposed to assertive … they’ve had the discussion to delineate the differences) as possible.

On the plus side, the third teacher he's had (an English bloke) has had no problems with him, so maybe it's just the women he doesn't get along with. (They are awfully sensitive, those girls.) And maybe my silvery highlights will make him think I'm almost as old as he is (which, sadly, isn't too far from the truth) and we'll avoid the I know better than you do attitude.

Still, I really can't bear a misogynistic pompous ass. The last thing I’ve heard is that he doesn’t like American ex-pats. Seems he's had to work for them before and it's oil and water. Wonder how he feels about the gay ones.

I think we'll talk about cultural differences in the workplace and see how that goes. Either that or have a discussion on trannies, drag queens and civil partnerships.

This will be fun.