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Three Whinges and a Funeral


It's just been one of those days.

I've been trying to get some documentation from a law firm that did business for me several years back, and, well, they're basically ignoring me. I've made calls. I've sent emails. I've started to burn bridges with the otherwise quite charming receptionist. I'm sure they're all very busy, but I was (and still could be) a paying client, and is it really too much to return a phone call or send me an email to answer my question? I know it's only been 5 phone calls and 2 emails in 3 weeks, and they are on New Orleans time, but still.

I also had snafus with Royal Mail and a new prescription delivery service. Parcels were not delivered, but were recorded as such, and then delivered after the fact. Perhaps a trifling annoyance, but still.

And then there was the tax people taking their sweet time with some information I requested three weeks ago. Seems I have until the end of January so there's still plenty of time, but still.

It's just all put me into a funk, nothing seeming to go right today. And then it all got put into perspective very quickly, with a phone call a little while ago.

Larry's Uncle Norman, who over the years has been both a father and big brother to my other half, passed away this afternoon.

He'd been battling emphysema for quite a while and was doing very well, but then got diagnosed with lung cancer in the past few months. Three small spots on his lung.

He took a turn for the worse a couple weeks ago, and opted to not pursue more treatment after a fourth spot (a small tumor) was discovered. No more tubes. No more hospitals. He just wanted to go peacefully at home.

After a few rough nights this week, it ended today. He was only 69.

Memo to y'all: Quit Smoking!

My heart goes out to his wife, the lovely Aunt Rose, as well as his kids Janet and Steven (and their children, who will certainly all miss their grandpa).

Like the rest of Larry's family, Norman immediately took me in as one of his own, and in the last fifteen years, he's become my uncle as well (not to mention one of my most loyal readers a big fan of the ALL CAP email responses, he never quite figured out the commenting thing).

We were planning to see him next week, during the North American Xmaspalooza, so at least we already have the plane tickets booked and will be there with the rest of the family for whatever services are arranged. Dag, it wasn't even four months ago that his sister went.

Too many funerals this year.

Rest In Peace, Normie. We'll all miss you very much.