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Snowed In

Geez, you'd think Canada could handle a storm. Apparently not.

So. Right. We've found ourselves in Chicago. Well, Plainfield actually, and it's just lovely to unexpectedly be with old friends (who have done up a proper Christmas tree which I'm going to sleep under) and feel like we never left.

All flights into and out of TO were cancelled this afternoon, and the next available seats weren't until Tuesday am ... which probably wouldn't get us there in time for Norm's service.

So, we're heading to Detroit tomorrow afternoon, where Larry's brother (who lives in Windsor) will pick us up, and then we'll go to Lambeth on Tuesday morning.

No storm or inclement weather can get in our way, oh no. I guess we can attribute that to Larry being a mailman back in his youth. Oh, you didn't know that? He's full of surprises, that on.

All right then. Oh. If you haven't voted yet for Bob's Yer Uncle to win the Verve Best UK Blog, please do so ... time's running out and it seems there's a last-minute effort by my esteemed competition to knock me out of the lead.

It's Christmas, go find a new terminal and give a click.